Trim track (ZOO)

The trim track on the part of the walking path between Mostec and the ZOO is named after the ZOO, which is the track’s starting or finishing point. The route itself is not demanding. However, for more efficient exercise you can try out several training devices available, which you can add to running. This is one of the most popular running and walking routes in Ljubljana.


Parking at the ZOO – trim track – Mostec – around snack bar – Matjan’s path – trim track – parking at the ZOO.

Distance: 5.4 km
Slope: 13%

Darko Pavlovic Turizem Ljubljna

Around Tivoli

The path leads us through the Tivoli Park, and we can run it across and around. We can make a stop on modern outdoor training devices, or slow down a bit and enjoy the beauty of nature.


Parking at the pool – Cekin Castle – Hall Tivoli – Bellevue – Jesenko learning path – Trim path – Tivoli Castle – below Rožnik – around the pond – Jakopič Avenue – parking

Distance: 8.8 km
Slope: 25%

Avtor: STA

At Cankar's top

The running path leads us along the eastern part of Rožnik and Šišenski Hill. It is not very demanding, although it climbs about 150 m. There is not much sightseeing, because the path is mostly through the forest, but the most beautiful view is from the Cankar’s top. The path is circular.


Parking in Tivoli – Cekin castle – Bellevue – Jesenko path – Tivoli Castle – Šišenski Hill – Drenik’s top – Cankar’s top – Čad restaurant – Tivoli – parking

Distance: 8 km
Slope: 30%

Darko Pavlovic, fototeka Turizem Ljubljana

Krajinska path

The route, which goes mostly along the external border of the Tivoli Landscape Park, Rožnik and Šišenski Hill, combines nature with the city. In fact, we can say that it is the connecting link between the inhabitants of this part of Ljubljana and the preserved nature of Rožnik and Šišenski Hill.


Parking near Tivoli Hall – Under the forest – Under the hill – Matjan path – Mostec – Mostec Promenade – Cesta 27. aprila street (ZOO) – Tivoli – Jesenko path – Tivoli Hall – parking

Distance: 9 km
Slope: 29%


A picturesque and demanding running trail on Golovec. Most of the trail is made along hardened surfaces (asphalt and macadam), only at the beginning of the settlement Gmajna ob Dolgem potoku is a forest path, which is covered with roots, and becomes wet and slippery after rain. It requires a lot of cautiousness and skill and is ideal for demanding runners.


Kodeljevo Sports Park – Štepanjsko naselje – Gmajna – Golovec – Astronomical Observatory Golovec – Path to Golovec – Roška Street – Poljanska Street – Kodeljevo Sports Park

Distance: 8.8 km
Slope: 25%