Homemade bread, excellent French pastries, and croissants. Daily fresh homemade sweet pastry or pie.


Enjoy the flavors of carefully selected and prepared local food and fine wines in the charming atmosphere of the hotel restaurant.  We serve a balanced breakfast Mrak including a fine selection of daily fresh homemade pastries, excellent coffee, tea or special homemade grape juice made of the oldest vine in Ljubljana that grows in our garden.  Invite your business partners for a meeting with the flavors of our special business breakfast Mrak. For more information, please fill out the inquiry form on the bottom of the page.

To give a good kick-start to the day, you can choose a fresh selection of food and drinks.

Filter coffee and the great selection of coffees such as cappuccino, espresso coffee latte, hot chocolate and tea Elles.

Different kinds of jam, honey, chocolate spread, müsli and cereal, butter and cheese spreads, yogurts and milk, on your request we also serve vegetable milk.

Daily fresh fruits including fruit and fruit-vegetable juices. Try our homemade grape juice, made from grapes of old vine that grows in our garden.

Daily fresh meat dishes such as grilled frankfurters and sausages.

We prepare daily fresh grilled vegetables.

Try our local cuisine homemade delicacies such as dumplings, pies, burgers and cakes.

On your request, we prepare a variety of omelettes or other dishes from our menu.